Frame Arms Girl Baselard [Limited Color HJ Edition]


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– Hobby magazine to feature focuses the popular content on one title latest issue of [figure JAPAN] is, Kotobukiya original character Plastic Frame Arms Girl (FA: G)] of a thorough feature!
– In this magazine, the explosion hit and became [FA: G] and the series of background, proposal of HJ why can `play` such as, multilateral introduction to the charm of this work.
– Special to the Appendix, it was to reproduce the illustrations drawn by Mr. Shimada Fumikane: special color version of the [FA G Bazerarudo] [frame Arms Girl Bazerarudo LIMITED COLOR HJ EDITION] the ship.
– In addition, gonna have become ultra-luxurious specification also enclosed a number of additional parts !!

– Appendix: Frame Arms Girl Bazerarudo LIMITED COLOR HJ EDITION

[Appendix Details]
– Five types of face parts that painted the line of sight is different. (Usually face the front, right, shouting face front, left, Tampo without printing face)
– Wrist made of PVC is left and right, respectively six included. Wrist, including the joint, you can wrist and recombination of existing frame arm Girls series.
– Decals, such as eyes and facial expressions.
– The arm of the FA Bazerarudo to shoulder the other, frame Arms series of connections that can be arm-extended parts of the parts.

Add only figure JAPAN Benefits]
– Arms of Bazerarudo body, molded parts that leg the other can be in skin color.
– Hobby Japan logo, special decals, such as the eyes of the decal of Bazerarudo.
– Novel molding color of the hair part of the shape of the frame Arms Girl materialized.
– Face parts without pad printing five included (usually face three, one shouting face, one Tampo without printing face)

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