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HG Gundam M91 [P-Bandai]


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From the official side story [GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS A-R],
a new suit style F91 is released, equipped with new spear weapon M Lance, in addition to powers by “M (Mackenzie)” !

Also released on the incredibly popular
[HOBBY HOBBY IMAGING BUILDERS] ( official Gundam Build Fighters website♪
From the official side story [GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS A-R], the Gundam M91 made by England’s famed Gunpla builder “Julian Mackenzie” for the 8th Gunpla Battle Championship is released in the HGBF series !
Main spear weapon M Lance is newly included! Heavy power weapon・V.S.B.R is added on the back with two cannons as well as the waist area !
Each of the suit form are reproduced with new molding !
● M Lance and a V.S.B.R on the back are reproduced with new molding !
  【M Lance】
   Includes a new large lance approximately 15 cm in length.
   The Lance’s spearhead rotates, and it can be hung from the waist.
   A standard V.S.B.R is equipped to the waist, and two
   V.S.B.R cannons are installed on the back to serve as thrusters.
   The V.S.B.R on the back has a slide structure equipped to the arm for connecting to the main body.
   Move it forward and open the barrel to reproduce full burst mode.
● The characteristic suit form is reproduced with new molding !
  Each of the MS parts are reproduced with new molding, with unique improvements made by Julian.
  ・The antenna and face guard have been enlarged, and are reproduced with new molding.
   The face can also be switched out to reproduce the appearance it has when irradiated.
  ・The red colored chest and the armor on the shoulders uses new parts.
   Equipped with a new booster gauntlet on the left arm, which provides support for M Lance attacks, and can also perform intercepts.
  ・The waist and skirt areas are reproduced with new molding.
  ・Knee armor, ankles, and ankle guards use new parts.
Weapons: M Lance / V.S.B.R / Beam Rifle  

1/144 scale assembly plastic model
For ages 8 and up.
Primary materials:PS・PE
・No adhesives required for assembly

*The image is CG based on the design data currently in development. The prouct specifications may change.

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