MG Figure-Rise Artisan Kamen Rider Double Cyclone Joker (Damaged Box)


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andai’s new series “MG FIGURE-RISE ARTISAN Kamen Rider W: Cyclone Ace” The kit is painted with various modeling techniques!

The HOBBY Division of Japan’s Bandai Spirits Company officially announced the new series of assembled models “MG FIGURE-RISE ARTISAN”. The first product will be “Kamen Rider W Tornado Ace”. This product is only sold at PREMIUM BANDAI, the official online store of Bandai.

“MG FIGURE-RISE ARTISAN” is a new series that pre-paints assembled model parts and reproduces various model techniques. As long as the assembly is completed, anyone can reproduce the modeling techniques supervised by the model maker Kawaguchi Celebrity, and the handsome works comparable to the professional level. Compared with the unpainted colored moldings and stickers, they can get a full sense of accomplishment!

“MG FIGURE-RISE ARTISAN Kamen Rider W: Ace of Whirlwind” uses the previous “MG FIGURE-RISE Kamen Rider W: Ace of Whirlwind” set. After completion, the total height is about 27 cm. It has an excellent range of movement and can be played out of dynamic battles. attitude.

All parts are painted in advance. The JOKER part on the left is matte black, and the CYCLONE part on the right is metallic green. Gradient painting is used to express the high gloss to add a three-dimensional effect. The purple part is painted in metallic color, which moves with the wind. The scarf is sprayed with shadows to emphasize three-dimensionality. The belt part is also painted, filled with ink lines, and printed to reproduce the pattern on the Gaia memory and the original design pattern on the dedicated table. In addition, the outer box of the product also uses a newly designed color pattern!

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