MG Gundam Astray Red Dragon [P-Bandai]


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” W e a n d R e d D r a g o n c a n d o i t !”
The ultimate form released in [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED DESTINY ASTRAY R],
Gundam Astray Red Dragon, is released in Master Grade. Characteristic suit’s forms such as the dynamic Caledfwlch, Flight Unit, and Ddraig Head are reproduced by new moldings.
● Caledfwlch, Flight Unit, Head part faithfully reproduced by new moldings !
The dynamic Caledfwlch is reproduced by new moldings. Change parts to reproduce Smode and Gmode. Also, multiple Caledfwlchs can be combined and used.
  ・Flight Unit
Back is reproduced by new moldings. Includes a gimmick that suspends the Beam Rifle and the Shield.
  ・Ddraig Head
Its characteristic Head part “Ddraig Head” is reproduced by new moldings. Beam Effect is reproduced by replacement..
● Newly designed Water decal included.
Gundam Astray Red Dragon’s marking
as a newly designed water decal is included.
● Personal Display Base is included
Includes a Personal Display Base that includes support parts for Mobile Suit body’s display and holding the Caledfwlch Smode and Ambidextrous Halberd with one hand.
Weapons : Caledfwlch / Gerbera Straight / Beam Rifle / Shield
Accessories : Personal Display Base

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