RG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G Inspection [P-Bandai]


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— Red Seven Sword, firing a “gun(blaster)” —
From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00V BATTLEFIELD RECORD], Seven Sword/G Inspection, arranged with seven swords and one gun, is released for the RG series which pursues a realism and precise expression not seen in other 1/144 varieties.
In addition to the seven swords, the GN Sword II Blaster is reproduced with new molding!!
 Inspection’s symbolic [GN Sword II Blaster] is reproduced with new molding.
 Possible to keep in both Sword Mode or Rifle Mode. The sword part is molded with clear parts.
● Includes weapons with seven swords and a gun!
 GN Buster Sword II can be stably displayed with the special stand.
● The vivid “red” suit coloring is reproduced with colored molding!
● Includes newly designed Realistic Decals!
Weapons :GN Sword II Blaster / GN Buster Sword II / GN Sword II Long / GN Sword II Short
      / GN Katar / GN Beam Saber

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